Bill Cosby Falls Down Prison Steps After Getting Hit By Hot Dog Bun

Chalk one up for the good guys?
Bill Cosby Falls Down Prison Steps After Getting Hit By Hot Dog Bun

In a call with his wife, Bill Cosby was recorded complaining that he was hit with a stale hot dog bun, which caused him to fall down a set of stairs.

Cosby, was recently sentenced to 3-10 years behind bars for drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand at his home 14 years ago. Bail was revoked and he was immediately sent to Montgomery County Correctional Facility and then transferred to SCI Phoenix, a state prison in Collegeville, which is about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

On the call Cosby complained to his wife (Camille) about how he is being treated in prison so far, and it’s not great. According to sources from the Montgomery County courthouse, Cosby said that they have taken his cane, tie, and shoelaces because they think “I will harm myself”. The removal of those items which is a standard safety practice in prison for any offender.


When it comes to the bun, Cosby (legally blind) states that the fall occurred because he wasn’t properly guided down the steps.

Prison is tough and Cosby is struggling. He’s reportedly pleaded with his wife with Camille to, “Grab the checkbook and hire anyone and everyone,” in efforts to get him released.

In an ironic twist of fate; Cosby famously appeared in Jell-O commercials in the mid 80’s and 90’s where he displayed a half cup of pudding with his dessert. In prison, he’ll receive a half cup of Jell-O everyday.


The stale hot dog bun was first reported by Radar Online.

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